Thank you customer 28/02/2019

Welcome to the first ever Thank You customer post.

Life can be hard sometimes eh. One of the things I learnt while I was sick was that I can’t just wait for things to be grateful for. I started purposely looking for things I was grateful for to get me through the days.

There are so many of our customers that feel like an Angel that came at the right time...maybe I should change these post titles to Angel customers?! ANYWAYS! There are many of you who come across our way that I am really grateful to have met. I wanted to start writing down the exchange to look back on but thought that other Sweet Release community members might be interested in reading them. I’m no writer. All those stories you have read about me on the newspapers, magazines and blogs are written by people who have studied it for years and have it as their career. Just saying, that it’s a wee warning if spelling mistakes and grammar errors make you cringe 😂.

Amazing customers come in so many forms. We have our favourite regulars to people that are only in Wellington for a few hours. Nearly every customer that leaves the shop says thank you to the’s been so noticeable that our team always say that we have the best customer base they’ve ever had in hospo. I reckon we have about 98% (*cough, people that get angry we don’t have cows milk 2%, cough*) positive experiences with our customers. So thank you for making our shop a cool place to work for! 😬

Now to today’s story...

Thank you for the lovely couple that came late in the afternoon. They found us through the Happy Cow app so I’m assuming they were only visiting Wlg briefly. They were so lovely at the know, those people that walk in a room and their presence make you smile. The man stopped by the counter on their way out. He says something along the lines of “Just wanted to say, I read your story on the wall. I’ve been dealing with cancer for 30 years and just wanted to let you know that we hope you do really well with the business”.

Whoever you were, thank you for giving me my second wind for the day. I hope you and your partner enjoyed Wellington and I hope you the best of health. 







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